Scientific age determination of string and keyboard instruments

Age, same tree connection and even origin

In addition to age, it is also possible to determine whether, for example, the multi-part top of a string instrument or several string instruments were made from one and the same trunk (same tree connection). In the best-case scenario, even a statement about the origin of the wood is possible. Together with stylistic expertise, the data obtained contributes to a serious valuation and assures experts, owners and buyers in the best possible way.

The background: from the growth of the trees

In temperate climates, trees do not grow equally year-round. During the growth phase in spring, different cells form under the bark than later in the year - in winter the tree takes a break from growing. In the wood, these different phases become visible as annual rings. The widths of the annual rings are shaped by the climate. For trees of the same species that have grown in the same area at the same time, the sequence of narrow and wide annual rings is very similar – even unique over a longer period. Dendrochronology takes advantage of this fact.

Our offer: dendrochronological analysis according to the digital imaging method

We date the belly wood of your string or keyboard instrument dendrochronologically by creating and analyzing digital photos in high resolution in our in-house photostudio. Alternatively, you can take the necessary photographs yourself. We are happy to explain to you what is important. However, you should note that before photographing, the strings and tailpieces must be removed in order to be able to capture all annual rings.

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