Welcome to Versteeg Violin Makers

Valuable in many ways

Our master workshop sees itself as the first address for exquisite violins, violas and cellos. With passion, much craftsmanship, know-how and musical expertise, we create new instruments. When repairing or restoring, we take special care to preserve the unique sound – the personality of the instrument – and to make damage as invisible as possible.

We offer you:

  • New making of fine violins, violas and cellos
  • Repair and restoration at the highest level
  • Sound adjustment and optimization
  • Bow repair, restoration and rehair
  • Expertise and dendrochronological report
  • Photography, documentation and condition report
  • Purchase and sale: large selection of violins, violas, cellos, bows and accessories
  • Violin, viola and cello rental

Master Service from the team

We are Arjan and Veronika Versteeg with Wiebke van der Wall and Dobrosława Patelka. All three of us have a distinguished education in violin making.

Arjan Versteeg
Veronika Versteeg
Wiebke van der Wall

Arjan Versteeg – Master Violin Maker

Arjan, born in the Netherlands in 1973, has been playing violin since the age of six. He attended the violin-making school in Mittenwald and, after his journeyman's examination, worked for two years at the renowned Willem Bouman & Zn violin making workshop in The Hague. Already at this time he concentrated on restoration and Baroque reconstruction and found interest in dendrochronology.

In the following nine years he deepened his knowledge of the methods for the restoration of valuable string instruments with Peter Benedek in Munich and dealt very intensively with their dendrochronological dating.

In 2007 he passed his Meister craftsman's examination in Mittenwald and Munich. He is a member of the Association of German Violin Makers and Bow makers (VDG) and, as an expert in dendrochronological dating, has contributed to the publication Antonio Stradivari by Jost Thöne and to a research paper on the Rücker instruments of the Musical Instrument Museum Brussels.

Veronika Versteeg – Violin Maker and Specialist for New Instruments

Veronika was born in Munich in 1974 and received cello lessons from the age of six. She trained as a violin maker at the violin making school in Mittenwald.

Since her journeyman's examination in 1999, she has specialized in the construction of new instruments. She has worked for Werner Hartwig and Peter Schlarb, where in both workshops she experienced important encouragement. Her violins and violas are played and appreciated by orchestral musicians and soloists at home and abroad.

In 2022, Veronika was a member of the jury for the international viola making contest 'Violas' which takes place every two years in the Conservatoire à rayonnement régional in Paris.

Since 2011, Veronika and Arjan have been working together in their own workshop in Hohenschäftlarn near Munich. They regularly exhibit their instruments as part of the Munich Violin Days at the Stadtmuseum München. In their spare time, the two play in the orchestra and participate in much chamber music.

Wiebke van der Wall – Master Violin Maker

Wiebke has been working in our studio since the end of 2015. She supports us in all areas with her excellent violin making skills. She received her training in the workshop of Andrea Masurat in Lübeck, where she worked for a total of eight years. In 2018 she passed her Meister craftsman's examination in Mittenwald.