Instructions to make the photos for dendrochronological analyse

To make a dendrochronological analysis, we need a set of overlapping high resolution photos



To make these photos you need following equipment:

  • a stringed instrument (without setup) with a spruce top with at least 65 annual rings.
  • a reflex camera with a macro lens (100 mm or more).
  • a tripod with a tripod head
  • some stand for the instrument.
  • a lighting with a adjustable arm and a cold light lamp (about 20 Watt).
  • a printer to print the ruler(PDF-Download)
  • some clamps to fix the ruler on the instrument or some tape to attach the ruler on the instrument

Taking the pictures

Put the camera on tripod with tripod head and the stand for the instrument on a stable surface to prevent any shaking. Fix the ruler on the instrument with the center of the ruler at the joint (or in the middle in case of a one piece top). The ruler has to be at a 90° angle to the grain.

Settings of the camera

  • Quality: High
  • Image size: Large
  • Sensitivity: 100 ISO
  • Shutter: Automatic
  • Aperture: F/16
  • White balance: 2400 kelvin
  • AF: Central

Arrange the camera, lighting and the instrument with ruler like this:

  • The surface of the top of the instrument must be parallel to the camera.
  • The camera must also be in a 90° angle to the surface.
  • The photos should be as large as the blocks of one colour. The ruler has to be fixed at the underside of the section to be photographed. The grain direction should be in a 90° angle to the ruler.